Why You Should Get Your Puppies And Kittens Checked More Frequently By Your Local Vet

22 April 2020
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There is no better feeling than bringing home a puppy or kitten for the first time. Their adorable little noises and shows of affection could make any heart melt, and it is not hard to feel instantly protective of them. However, at this age, the best way you can take care of them and keep them safe is by staying in contact with your local veterinary service. You may be surprised at how often it is recommended you take your precious little one to your local pet doctor, so here are a few reasons behind these requirements. 

Vaccinations And Shots

Just like a baby human, your puppies and kittens need to be vaccinated for a variety of different, specific diseases. Unlike a regular baby, pets have to be vaccinated for a lot more diseases, and in many cases, these are required by law and not just suggestions. These vaccinations include rabies, canine distemper, kennel cough and many more. In addition to vaccinations, it is important your dog starts getting treatment for heartworm and fleas, which they will continue to be on throughout their life. You will probably need to visit your local veterinary service about 4 or 5 times (to space out the vaccinations) in the first few months of your puppy or kitten's life. 

Genetic Defects

Unfortunately, due to centuries of selective inbreeding, many kittens and dogs develop genetic defects that require intense treatment if the young one is expected to survive. The sooner you take your puppy or kitten for the first check-up, the better, as it is important that these conditions are identified early. Some of these conditions are easily treatable and your pet can still live a comfortable life (with proper treatment). Others are sadly not, and it is important to make your pet as comfortable as possible because they could be in severe pain. It is terrible to consider, and thankfully quite rare, but it is something to keep in mind and why it is so important that your veterinary service gets to examine your pup or kitten ASAP.


In many states, neutering or desexing is required by law for all cats and dogs. In others, it is highly encouraged and legislation is floating around that could make it illegal in the coming years. In addition to legal requirements, it is just a lot of risk on your part if you leave your dog or cat able to carry a litter of their own. Not only for their health (pregnancies in animals are by no means a safe process) but also financially for you. Most veterinary services are able to neuter pets within the first year of life, and it is something that is highly recommended if not required. 

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